Lomond Shores September 2018 - Petpixphoto


Some pets seem more suited to a Studio Portrait and others more suited to a location session on a beach, in the woods or just on their favourite walk or place in the garden. I can also do a mixture of both. Give both galleries a look and  give me a call on 07860797217 to discuss your requirements. 

2020 Calendar - Welsh Terriers are a vulnerable breed and are my passion so I produce a calendar for all their fans - this years is £12 including p/p and a £2 donation goes to Welsh Terrier Rescue or Terrier SOS.

Greetings Cards and Christmas Cards vary in size but are A5 (7x5in) A6 (6x4in) and DL (8x4in) they range from £1.60 - £2.00 each plus postage which varies depending on how many you buy.

If you would like to purchase anything please contact me directly,

Ways to contact me.

Phone - 07860797217

E mail - petpixphoto@gmail.com

Contact me - at bottom of page

You can also message me through my Facebook Page or instagram account.

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